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Sensual Fantasies – 50 Shades of Seduction – How to Seduce a Man


Na compra do livro você ganha uma aula particular online de 20 minutos com os autores Celine Kirei ou Carlos Kadosh

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Suggestions about seducing and spicing sex

Develop your Feminine Power

Use affirmations to increase your self-esteem, sexuality and improve your psychological aspects. Repeat positive messages, for example, say to yourself things like “I am a wonderful woman!”, “I’m becoming more and more sexy!”, “I’m an attractive lover!” and so on. Be smart, don’t bother with the “flaws” that all of us have (fatty spots, cellulites…). Show your best! Feel powerful and sexy despite your physical type or age. Value your strong side! Take control of your personality, charm and beauty.

Seduce your husband or boyfriend.

In the beginning of the relationship, sex is usually more exciting because at this phase everything is new. But the point is how to keep seducing your partner after a long time together.

Surprise him by trying to have a more active attitude, as generally men do to seduce a woman. But try not to exaggerate, start gradually if he’s not used to a more powerful and sexy attitude.


How to seduce with love


Pleasure and fantasies

Sensual fantasies class

The importance of the costumes

Benefits for health

Fantasies and self-esteem

How to improve relationships

With sensual costumes

How to win a man over and keep him

By spicing the relationship

Suggestions about seducing

and spicing sex

All shades of sensual fantasies

Color therapy on costumes

Color influencing fantasies

Fantasy as popular therapy

Trips and fantasies

Mental power and fantasies

Visualizing is the first step to accomplishing

How to plan your costume

Song menu for your performances

Prepare yourself

How to choose your character

Planning your fantasy

The favorite fantasies

Classic costumes

Ludic costumes

Wild fantasies

Thematic costumes

Powerful costumes

Fantasies and fetishes

Give in to pleasure

New ideas

Erotic bath

Thai oral sex

Erotic cuisine

Erotic peaches

Aphrodite salad

Shades of red

To every go right in the performances

Lingerie and fantasies

Know how to wear and undress

Lingerie for performances

The shades in lingerie

How to undress lingerie or costumes

Accessories and complements

Sex shop guide for sensual performances

Suggestions for decoration

Fetishes for your sexy costume

Erotizing with sex toys

Sensual cosmetics

Adult game