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Male Sexual Potency – Pompoir – The Kama Sutra’s Gymnastic


Na compra do livro você ganha uma aula particular online de 20 minutos com os autores Celine Kirei ou Carlos Kadosh

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Pompoir acts, specially, preventing problems such as premature ejaculation and sexual dysfunction and makes the pleasure and sexual energy increase. We know that people who have excellent and healthy sexuality also develop an extraordinary progress in spiritual, material and professional life.

Benefits of Male Pompoir:

Supporting techinique for the prevention of prostate cancer
Male Pompoir strengthens pubococcygeus muscles, increasing sexual pleasure for both man and woman.
It is excellent to stimulate hormone production, especially testosterone, because it activates circulation in pelvic area, maintaining youth and libido for a longertime in men who practice its exercises regularly.
This exercise increases self-esteem and self-confidence because it is also a seduction technique to charm and surprise women.
After the technique, men with premature ejaculation reach a longer time of erection and also experience more intense orgasms. Many doctors, like Wilhelm Reich, author of The Function of the Orgasm, found increase in male sexual potency by specific exercises to the male member.
It improves affective and loving relationship for the couple, making their sexual life more creative and pleasurable, eliminating monotony and spicing sexual intercourse.
It assists and prevents problems of urinary incontinence and muscle flaccidity connected to the male member, strengthening potency and erection significantly.
It increases the time of erection and sexual virility, prolonging sexual life for men.
It enlarges self-knowledge, preparing the man to feel and provide more pleasure.

Table of Contents

Male Sexual Potency

Pompoir: Kama Sutra’s Gymnastic

Benefits of Male Pompoir

Supporting techinique for the prevention of prostate cancer


Chapter I

Male Sexual Potency: Pompoir

What is Pompoir?

Male Pompoir: Culture and History

News for Eastern Men

Pompoir for Couples and Kama Sutra

The art of keeping passion and excitement

Chapter II

Male Pompoir

Anatomy and Physiology of Sexual Organs

Male Genital Organ

Pompoir Male Exercises

Important exercises for male sexual effectiveness

Exercises to strengthen naturally your potency

Exercises to do at the gym to increase potency and make your movements better when having sex.

Chapter III

The Eastern secrets and the male Pompoir

How to intensify your pleasure

Techniques for Controling Ejaculation

The point to practice Do-In and Pompoir

Self-massage benefits

Self-massage to stimulate sexual vigor and prolong time of erection

Techniques to press energetic spots

Spots to stimulate male sexual potency

Massage over the right nipple

Self-massage on the perineum region

Drive your partner crazy with amazing sexual movements

Penetrations and movements, thrust and rhythms

Shallow penetrations

Shallow and deep thrusts

Different and creative thrusts

Feeling the female arousal

The sacred spot: G-Spot

Location of G-Spot on man’s practicing

Stimulating the G-Spot

The importance of the rhythm of touch on the G-Spot

Touching the G-Spot and clitoris at the same time

Simultaneous touch on the three erogenous spots

Stimulating the G-Spot with the glans

“Coming on strong”

Stages of erection

Chapter IV

Human’s sexual response

The phases of human sexual response cycle

Human Sexual Response Cycle




Chapter V

Standard Sexual Cycle

1st – Desire

2nd – Excitement

3rd – Plateau

4th – Climax: Orgasm/Ejaculation


Multiple orgasm for men

Eastern (Tantric) Sexual Cycle


Preliminaries and Tantric Sex

Preliminaries that enrich your relation:

Multiple orgasm for men

Eastern (Tantric) Sexual Cycle


Preliminaries and Tantric Sex

Preliminaries that enrich your relation:

1 – Mental

2 – The look

3 – Speaking

4 – Hugs and Touches

5 – Kissing

6 – Intimate Caress

7 – Penetration

Hyperorgasm: The maximum Pleasure

Reason is the Supreme of Tantric Union

Neurossexual Programming – NSP

Sexual Energy through Chakras

7th – Crown Chakra – Sanskrit denomination: Sahasrara

6th – Sanskrit denomination: Ajna

5th – Laryngeal – Sanskrit denomination: Vishuddah

4th – Cardiac – Sanskrit denomination: Anahata

3rd – Umbilical – Sanskrit denomination: Manipura

2nd – Sacral – Sanskrit denomination: Svadhisthana

1st – Base – Sanskrit denomination: Muladhara

Suggestion of Easter technique to increase the energy in the chakras

A Challenge that worths gold

The secret

Increase the size of your penis naturally

Chapter VI

Pompoir for couples and Kama Sutra

Amazing techniques to prolong time of sexual pleasure

Positions for Couple Pompoir Practice

Yab-yum position

Primitive Position

Indra Position

Traditional Position

Love and Affection during Sexual Activity

Chapter VII

Natural Culinary and Aphrodisiacs for Male Sexual Potency

Talking about aphrodisiac food…

Seduction food


Chapter VIII

What do women like?


Pompoir and Health

New Erotic Accessories

Toys for Pleasure

Cock Rings

Types of Rings

Basic Ring

Vibrating Rings

Penile Sleeve

Finger Cots

Penis Masturbator

Gels and Creams

Rules to Use the Accessories