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Pompoir - The Path of Pleasure

Benefits of Pompoir

• The Pompoir strengthens the vaginal muscles and the muscles of pubococcygeus of women and men, enhancing sexual pleasure of both.

• It is excellent for regulating hormones, since it activates circulation in the pelvic area conserving longer youth and libido of people who practice the pompoir exercises regularly.

• Its practice increases self-esteem, because pompoir is also a seduction technique. Thus, people who develop this art enchant and surprise her lovers.

• Many women considered frigid began to feel pleasure during sex and can even experience orgasm. Many doctors, like Dr. Kegel, confirmed the increase of libido and orgasmic potential of women who practice pompoir.



capa grande strip tease

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Strip Tease - How to Win a Man Over

Learn the step-by-step of how to plan, train and surprise your boyfriend, fiancée or husband by learning how to perform sophisticated striptease that will provide wonderful and hot moments for both of you and spice your sex live.

You are the star
Be a sexy Goddess of Love!

Improve your sensuality with sophistication and creativity by learning:

• CHIC STRIPTEASE: Learn the most sophisticated styles
• CHAIR DANCE: Know how to perform this incredible dance
• BURLESQUE DANCE: Surprise with the glamour of this performance


Male Sexul Potency capa

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Male Sexual Potency - Pompoir - The Kama Sutra's Gymnastic

Pompoir acts, specially, preventing problems such as premature ejaculation and sexual dysfunction and makes the pleasure and sexual energy increase. We know that people who have excellent and healthy sexuality also develop an extraordinary progress in spiritual, material and professional life

Benefits of Male Pompoir:

Supporting techinique for the prevention of prostate cancer
Male Pompoir strengthens pubococcygeus muscles, increasing sexual pleasure for both man and woman.
It is excellent to stimulate hormone production, especially testosterone, because it activates circulation in pelvic area, maintaining youth and libido for a longertime in men who practice its exercises regularly.



Capa Fantasias Celine nova 2016 INGLES reduzida

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Sensual Fantasies - 50 Shades of Seduction - How to Seduce a Man

Suggestions about seducing and spicing sex

Develop your feminine power

Use affirmations to increase your self-esteem, sexuality and improve your psychological aspects. Repeat positive messages, for example, say to yourself things like “I am a wonderful woman!”, “I'm becoming more and more sexy!”, “I'm an attractive lover!” and so on. Be smart, don't bother with the “flaws” that all of us have (fatty spots, cellulites…). Show your best! Feel powerful and sexy despite your physical type or age. Value your strong side! Take control of your personality, charm and beauty.

Seduce your husband or boyfriend


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